Teaching is the best part of my work. I love to share this beautiful tradition and see my students enjoy it as much as I do.


I try to bring and create new tools for the cookie community. I partnered with Ann Clark to create some new cookie cutter shapes. I also imported a line of baking molds from Hungary.

Tutorials, recipes, video tutorials

I love to share my recipes and designs. You can find them all on my blog. If you are looking for my videos you can subscribe to my Youtube channel


Gingerbread is a great gift or decoration for any occasion. It can be eaten or kept forever. I create hundreds of new cookie designs every year. Follow the link to see them.



I created these books so everybody can learn how to decorate beautiful cookies. I try to include a picture for each step to make it easy to follow the instructions.

Gingerbread artist Tunde Dugantsi presents: