I currently don't have this class on my schedule. If you are interested in taking this class, please send an email to contact@tundescreations.com. I will schedule a class as soon as I have enough interest.

Teaching Cookie Classes

Master Class

In this class, I will share what I have learned about teaching cookie classes in the past few years. We will discuss different class types, talk about planning an amazing design that is easily manageable, preparation for the class and tips for a smooth class. This is not a lecture. I will teach you a hands-on class so you can see in action everything that we learn about teaching. Everything you need for this class will be provided

The book Teaching Cookie Classes and Cookie Decorating Parties is the handout for this class and included in your class registration.

I will schedule this class in my Bowling Green, KY studio by demand. Please, let me know if you are interested in taking this class. As soon as I have enough request, I will put the class on the schedule.

You can always schedule a private class. If you have a small group of 4 and you schedule a private class, the price will already be the same as for the classes on the calendar.

I can also travel to other cities to teach this class.