My class calendar

This calendar is showing my scheduled classes. It does not have my private schedule, so there might be dates, which are empty in my calendar and I am still busy. However this might help you when choosing your dates. 

Popular classes

You can find a few of my popular classes to choose from below, however I am always happy to create a custom private class for you if you are looking for something else.

Private master classes

I offer individual master classes in my home. Sign up only if you don't mind my 3 kids being around.

For these private classes you can choose the techniques you want to learn, the projects you want to make.

Individual master class is 3-4 hours, depending on the project and the participant's skill level.

Class fee:

$175 for 1 participant

$300 for 2 participants ($150 per person)

$375 for 3 participants ($125 per person)

$400 for 4 participants (maximum) ($100 per person)

Most of my master students travel from other states and do class series, depending on the number of projects they want to learn. I can do two classes per day (morning and afternoon) and you can decide on the number of classes you want to take.