My class calendar

This calendar is showing my scheduled classes. It does not have my private schedule, so there might be dates, that are empty in my calendar and I still can not travel. However this might help you when choosing your dates. Please remember, I can travel only once a month. If there is a 2-3 event or class in this calendar it means, that I am not able to teach additional out of state classes that month.

Host a master class with Tunde Dugantsi

I travel out of state to teach master classes for groups.  Please review this information before you contact me to schedule a class.

I offer full day and half day master classes.

During the full day class, we learn the specific technique in the morning and create a project together. In the afternoon there is a creative session when student create their own project using the new technique. This is a great way to help students to make the new technique their own.

During a half day class, I teach the same techniques without the creative session.

When you host classes you can combine half day and full day classes as you wish.

I need to teach at least two days to make classes affordable (I can teach more than two days in a row).

I can travel once a month. Please check my calendar below. If a month already has a two or more day weekend event, then it's considered booked.

The class registration fees have to cover my expenses and my class fees. If the host has a guest room where I can stay, the host can pick me up and take me to the airport and the host provides the venue, then the classes will be more affordable for participants. I try to supply as much of the supplies as I can. When I fly I do have limitations. In this case, I need to ask the host to provide some supplies (usually eggs, confectioners sugar, paper towels) and I might ship some supplies (the books I hand out) to the host,

When you plan to host a class with me, please let me know:

  • Your preferred dates.
  • The venue we can use, address, how many students it can accommodate and if there is a fee we have to pay for it.
  • My accommodation options.
  • My transfer options from the airport (unless I can drive to your location from Bowling Green, KY)
  • Your class choices.

The registration fee for the classes will be calculated based on the above information.

Popular classes

You can find a few of my popular classes to chose from below, however I am always happy to create a custom private class for you if you are looking for something else.