Bread is one of the most important food items in Hungary. It's part of most meals and Hungarian kids don't get all the pre-packaged snacks when they get hungry. They will eat a slice of bread. Of course, there are many different ways to eat that bread. It can be sweet or savory, hot or cold.

Bread making can be intimidating. And I am not making the most elaborate artisan bread. By "every day bread" I mean the no-fuss recipe, that I am able to make on an every day basis without feeling overwhelmed. A no-knead recipe, that takes only a few minutes active time, but fill you house with the wonderful fresh bread smell and you will love it!

We will also make some traditional Hungarian recipes and I will share dozens of other ideas.

Of course, once the meal is ready we will have to taste it, so consider lunch/dinner taken care of.

Limited to 8 participants.

Registration fee: $45

Our Every Day Bread