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Club Cookie Academy

is a subscription based continuous learning opportunity on Facebook.

How to join

  1. Subscribe below, giving all the information requested.
  2. Ask to join the Facebook group, answering all the questions requested.

Referral program

The bigger the club gets, the more resources we will have to create quality content. Members who help grow the community (and also the person they refer) get referral points. Referral points can be redeemed for extra classes listed on this website under classes:

  • 3 referral points: standard online class with Tunde
  • 10 referral points: online master class with Tunde​


Classes are posted the first and third Thursday every month, at 8 am Central Time (9 Eastern, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific) . They will be saved in the group and can be watched at a later time. Two hours later we have a chatroom to discuss any questions.

Classes will be announced ahead of time, with complete supply list.

Supply kits will be available for purchase for some classes (optional)

Subscription is $10/month and it can be canceled anytime.

Club Cookie Academy members will get:

  • Access to the Facebook group Club Cookie Academy, the platform used for classes and communication.
  • Two online classes per month. 
  • Discounts on decorating tools and supplies.
  • Exclusive designs and tools related to classes.
  • Help with cookie decorating questions.
  • And more.