Tunde Dugantsi

Tunde was born and raised in Hungary, home of many beautiful traditions. Before starting a family and moving to the USA, she studied economics, marketing and she is an MBA. She worked as a marketing manager at Hyatt Regency Budapest and later as a CEO of a small printing company.

She's been a stay at home mom since moving to the USA in 2004. She lives with her husband, her son and her twin daughters in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Although she always enjoyed arts and crafts, she never studied any form of it and started creating cookies only in 2013. She enjoys combining the old traditions with new techniques, creating new designs and sharing the art of cookie decorating.

She published seven books about cookie decorating, creates video tutorials and writes a blog.​ She also teaches cookie decorating classes.

Her work has been featured in local TV channels, newspapers, magazines and on the internet.